Erden - our home town and its sights

Our home “town” is located at the Central Moselle („Mittelmosel“). Erden is a traditional wine growing village that offers a number of possibilities for tourists.

Its about 440 inhabitants are always ready to have a small talk in the streets. They underline the village centre's cosy atmosphere of the narrow cobblestoned streets in between the timbered houses.

Romantic patios round up the charm of the „good old times“ that is still alive here and that takes the visitor to a journey through time. It is the name of our village that already takes you back to the past – the original name „Arduena“ refers back to a Celtic foundation meaning „steep ridge“. 

The first wine press to be found in Erden originates from the third century AD. It proves the wine growing activities of the Romans who were the first to produce wine at Erden's most famous wine growing site, the „Erdener Treppchen“ (little Erden stairs). Two Roman wine presses could be exposed and thus offer the possibility of experiencing Erden's early history

It is to the fame of the site „Erdener Treppchen“ that our village owes its popularity. Its grapes grow on the steep slopes of shale on the opposite bank of the Moselle. Furthermore, Erden houses the wine-growing sites „Bußlay“, „Herrenberg“ and „Prälat“.

Erden - our area and possible activities

The river Moselle offers magnificent bike tours through the attractive landscape of its valley. On its way trough Erden it covers a distance of 118 km before it flows into the Rhine at the „German Corner“ (Deutsches Eck) in Coblenz.

This part of the Central Moselle offers a Mediterranean climate, the reason for its abundant wildlife. Thanks to this, not only your cultural interests can be met, but also your wanderlust, your love for camping or for bike tours.

Starting in Erden, the Moselle-biketour leads you up the river through Zeltingen-Rachtig and Graach towards the small town of Bernkastel-Kues. Down the river, you can ride through Lösnich and Kinheim-Kindel towards Traben-Trarbach. At Kinheim-Kindel you can cross the Moselle and continue your trip direction Kröv.

Beautifully developed routes lead hikers through the Moselle Valley and through vineyards. The recently constructed climbing route is our highlight: A breathtaking view over the Moselle Valley accompanies all ramblers across ladders and narrow paths through the steep slopes of the Erdener Treppchen and the Prälat.

The tour offers you an impressive panorama of vineyards. Additionally, day-trips to Treves, to Idar-Oberstein - the town of precious stones in the Hunsrück mountains - , to Luxembourg and to further cultural destinations are offered in Erden.


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D-54492 Erden
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